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Spain - Tourism figures December 2020

Surprisingly, many Britons came to visit in December

648,669 foreign tourists visited Spain in December 2020, which is a minus of 84,9 % compared to December 2019.

The French people rank first with 164,264 tourists (-70,3 %), followed by the Britons with 109,700 tourists (-86,0 %). The Germans rank 3rd with 82,840 tourists (-83,3 %).

January to December 2020

From January to December, 3,17 million Britons (-82,4 %) travelled to Spain. 3,87 million tourists (-65,2 %) came from France and 2,41 million tourists (-78,4 %) from Germany.

Spain registered a total of 18,95 million foreign visitors between January and December 2020 which corresponds to a minus of 77,3 %.

Andalusia ranks 3rd among Spain's most popular holiday destinations, right behind Catalonia and the Canary Islands.

Andalusia registered a total of 2,70 million foreign visitors which is a minus of 77,5 %.

The Canary Islands registered a total of 3,78 million foreign visitors which is a minus of 71,2 %.

The Balearic Islands registered a total of 1,72 million foreign visitors which is a minus of 87,4 %.


According to the Spanish Institute of Statistics, tourists generated a revenue of 19,74 billion euros from January to December 2020 which is a minus of 78,5 %. The Britons are responsible for a turnover of 3,14 billion euros and the Germans for a turnover of 2,63 billion euros.

Andalusia achieves a turnover of 2,87 billion euros with foreign tourists which currently represents a minus of 76,8 %. The fact that Andalusia was able to book a revenue of 80 million euros with tourism in December is very interesting.

Source: INE - Spanish Institute of Statistics on February 3rd, 2021
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