28.06.2020 - 19:55

Spooky scenes in the city centre of Malaga...

Photos and videos from Sunday afternoon

It is June 28, 2020, and normally no local would voluntarily visit the city centre or the port of Malaga on a Sunday afternoon. At this time of the year, tens of thousands of tourists are normally in control of the scenery; the gastronomy is booming and the shops provide their visitors with everything they need or don't need. But things are different in times of COVID19. The city centre of Malaga and the Muelle Uno are empty, only a few restaurants are open, most of the shops are closed.

For some this might be a wonderful sight. However, traders are battling for their existence. We will have to wait and see how Malaga will recover from this brutal rabbit punch. As of July 1st, holiday planes from Northern Europe will be heading towards Malaga again. Hopefully, there will be enough healthy people aboard to leave some money in the city.

Of course, the beaches are pacted

The beaches of Malaga are, of course, well visited. There are no noteworthy problems regarding the distance rules, the police are very present and support the beach supervisors.

Here, the videos and photos from this afternoon:

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