10.03.2020 - 22:11

Spain - Tourism figures January 2020

Andalusia with an amazing plus - The Canary Islands with a big minus

Even though the coronavirus was not on the radar yet in January 2020, Spain still reported a minus of 1,4 % compared to January 2019. A total of 4,138,371 foreign tourists visited the most popular holiday destination in Europe.

Andalusia welcomed more than 606,190 guests which is a huge plus of 5,5 %. The Canary Islands surprised with a minus of 5 % and reported only 1,101,223 visitors.

The Balearic Islands seem to be less interesting in January with only 103,902 tourists (- 26,8 %). However, Valencia continues to emerge and registered 434,205 tourists (+ 5 %).

The Britons rank first with 718,248 tourists (-11,0 %) and the Germans follow with 493,711 tourists (-4,6 %).

Spain lives on two strongly subsidised industries, tourism and agriculture. This year might be tricky especially for the Spanish tourism industry.

The mood among the budget holidaymakers started to shift after the bankruptcies of several airlines and travel operators. Lots of people started caring about their ecological footprint, the Britons are still not over the Brexit topic and now, slowly but surely, the coronavirus is taking effect.

This might be a hard year for Spain and could end in a deep crisis.
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