26.01.2020 - 12:24

Malaga - The clean-up operations are still in full swing after the severe storm

Springlike temperatures announced for next week

Province of Malaga

After those severe storms of the last few days, the clearing operations are still in full swing on today's Sunday. However, there are good news for the affected neighbours and emergency forces. Springlike temperatures and lots of hours of sunlight have been announced for next week. There is no rain in sight and the wind will blow varyingly across the province as a light to moderate breeze.

Malaga is expecting peak temperatures of +- 20 °C and, towards the end of the week, even +- 22 °C.

East coast

The east coast is also expecting sunny and mild weather after Cyclone Gloria. Peak temperatures of +- 22 °C have been announced in Valencia as of Tuesday.

The latest weather forecasts for Spain will be available on, updated 4 times a day. Ongoing updates regarding special weather situations will be available in our ticker.

Latest photos: Clearing operations in Malaga

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