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Spain 2019/20

The weather on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

From a meteorological point of view, the year 2019 has not been particularly spectacular in Spain. Of course, there had been heatwaves and some severe storms in the east of Spain, but nothing out of the ordinary according to statistics. With respect to climate change, the jet stream appears more unstable and Spain seems to be affected by a northwestern current more and more frequently. (Also the reason for Germany's new heat records since hot air from North Africa can stream to Europe east of the Iberian Peninsula.)

A calm weather situation will prevail in Spain on New Year's Eve, no weather warnings have been issued. It will be mostly sunny, and slightly cloudy at intervals. The nights are fresh and the peak temperatures will reach +- 16 °C in Palma de Mallorca, +- 17 °C in Malaga and +- 22 °C in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

For holidaymakers in Spain, the weather is looking good until Epiphany. There are currently no noteworthy rain clouds in sight, only the Balearic Islands might be expecting some precipitation on January 5th.

All interesting details and ongoing forecasts are available on, updated four times a day.

Graphic above: Forecast peak temperatures New Year's Eve

Graphic: Forecast peak temperatures New Year's Day

Graphic: Forecast peak temperatures New Year's Eve - Canary Islands

Graphic: Forecast peak temperatures New Year's Day - Canary Islands

On our own account: In 2019, we were able to upload a new service on offering ongoing weather forecasts for more than 2,400 Spanish villages and cities. In addition, we were able to close new deals. Right now, we are working on a new version of our world weather. In a few weeks, we will provide the latest wind and its forecast (at different altitudes) with a corresponding animation. This is important for recreational athletes and emergency forces. Our Spanish firefighters will be able to assess wildfires more accurately and take the corresponding measures. Despite noteworthy investments, we will be in the black this year stabilizing our eInforma rating with 18 out of 20 points. Our company has no liabilities towards third parties and is on a healthy expansion course thanks to continually growing user numbers. However, missing manpower and the Spanish employment law pose a risk for our growth. Qualified employees in the IT sector are scarce goods in Malaga and the unions are pure poison for small businesses. Should Spain be cogoverned by the communists of Podemos, we will most likely have to move not only our office to Gibraltar.

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