08.12.2019 - 09:54

Spain's weather situation on the Second Sunday of Advent

Mostly sunny and mild peak temperatures at the Costa del Sol

Winter storms are raging on the North Atlantic and their troughs are reaching, inter alia, the north of Spain and the Balearic Islands. An orange level warning has been issued at the North Atlantic coast for Monday and Tuesday due to elevated swell. Some fresh snow will be falling in the Spanish Pyrenees. A yellow level warning has been issued in Castellon, Tarragona and Aragon because of stormy winds. Due to elevated swell, an orange level warning has also been announced in Girona and a yellow level warning has been issued at the coasts of Menorca and Mallorca.

Again, it will be mostly sunny at the Costa del Sol next week. At intervals, there will be a few clouds and freshening wind. The peak temperatures will reach wonderful 20 to 23 °C in Malaga. A glance into our crystal ball indicates that there won't be any noteworthy precipitation until December 18.

All details and ongoing forecasts are, of course, available on, updated four times a day.

Graphics: Forecasts peak temperatures for Andalusia

Graphic: Storm map for Monday, December 9

Graphic: Wind- & Snow forecast for Monday, 4 pm

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