07.10.2019 - 18:21

Climate activists paralyse traffic hub

Berlin's police relies on dialogue - Madrid's police takes drastic measures

Numerous climate activists are participating in a protest march in Madrid (Spain) as well. The activists of "Extinction Rebellion Spain" shut down the arterial roads of Madrid. In the beginning, the Policia Nacional was patient. After some time, the situation got strained. The Línea Azul (Policia Nacional) began to clear the roads, robustly to some extent. Right now, 30 people are held by the police. 3 people were arrested. According to the activists, several are injured.

The rebels want to call attention to the ecological catastrophe with civil disobedience, the government is expected to declare a climate emergency.

Will the politicians listen? Probably not!

Graphic 1: Sea-level rise in Malaga at a global warming of only 2 °C. (Source: Climate Central)

Graphic 2: Sea-level rise in Malaga at a global warming of 4 °C. Only seaplanes will be landing at Malaga Airport (Source: Climate Central)

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