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15th UNWTO Awards

Spain, what else?

Held during the 23rd Session of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organisation) General Assembly, the 15th edition of the UNWTO Awards aimed to celebrate the very best examples of tangible and sustainable improvements in policy, processes, and governance.

For this latest round of awards, initiatives from Canada, Colombia, India, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Philippines made it to through to the final shortlist. A jury committee made up of eight tourism experts from the public sector, private companies and universities, announced the winners of the UNWTO Awards.

WINNER: “Love San Sebastian, Live Donastia”

Love San Sebastián, Live Donostia project is a reflection of the change in priorities in the city’s agenda when it comes to the management and publicity of this destination, as laid out in the Tourism Master Plan 2017-2021.

This Master Plan places people at the center of the sustainable development model for tourism in Donostia San Sebastián and is executed through the following working lines: the balanced incorporation of tourism into city’s urban fabric, economy and society, the consolidation of the Donostia San Sebastián brand, inspired in the tradition of tourism, authenticity, cultural identity, hospitality, and the human factor.

In this sense, Love San Sebastián. Live Donostia is an example of public-private collaboration, and favors the complicity and understanding between the city and its visitors, and promotes the concept of tourismophilia (rather than tourismophobia) through a tourist experience that focuses on an open, welcoming and hospitable city, and responsible and respectful tourism.

FINALIST: "Sustainability Whale Watching Charter"

The “Whale Watching Sustainability Charter” has been created by and for companies involved in this activity to foster sustainable and responsible tourism in a particularly sensitive marine environment, both in terms of the species that live there and the habitat itself. Up to 22 species of cetaceans can be seen in Tenerife, in addition to its resident colonies of bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales.

The Charter is the result of collaboration between the public authorities and the private sector. It has been operating since 2010 as the Quality Charter, becoming the Sustainability Charter in 2018. This is a voluntary commitment by the companies, who are evaluated annually.

15 companies are currently signed up, representing 41% of all boats dedicated to whale watching on the island. The objective is for all of the boats involved to have signed up by 2022.

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