14.09.2019 - 09:37

Storm in Malaga

Sewage makes beaches dirty

A storm took place in Malaga in the early morning hours, 40 l/m² of rain were registered. Not the world, but clearly too much of a good thing for Malaga. No sewage treatment plants and a dilapidated sewer system make sure that the rain mixes with untreated wastewater and runs directly into the sea. The waves then bring the filth back to the beach and it looks correspondingly disgusting.

In 2000, the EU Water Framework Directive was introduced. Until 2015, Spain had enough time and subsidies in order to solve the wastewater issue. The subsidies disappeared and sewage treatment plants and modern sewer systems are nowhere to be found. This is particularly stupid since Malaga's only source of income is tourism. So the question is, why is sewage treatment not number one priority regarding political decisions??

In a tourist region, all beaches should have seals of approval. Unfortunately, Malaga sees things differently.

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