07.09.2019 - 11:44

Heavy rainfalls in Valencia and Alicante

Yellow level warning in Andalusia

Heavy rainfalls took place in Valencia and Alicante early in the morning. Valencia Airport reported 46 mm of rain and Alicante Centro registered 31 mm of rain. Occasional rain showers might take place especially in Valencia up until the afternoon.

The hinterland of Andalusia is expecting heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba and Jaen will be particularly affected. A yellow level warning has been issued.

It is sticky and sultry at the Costa del Sol, but the radar does not indicate more than a few drops of rain here and there at the moment. The Axarquia is expecting a few litres of rain on Sunday evening.

However, due to the prevailing chaos of currents, surprises might come up. Of course, we will inform you of short-term and noteworthy developments in our ticker.

Note: A yellow level storm warning has been issued for Tarifa. The Levante is blowing from the east across the coast with 66 km/h.

Photo: Valencia this morning

Graphic: Thunderstorm forecast for Saturday evening
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