17.08.2019 - 18:53

Record heat in Gran Canaria

Enormous wildfire erupted in Valleseco

An enormous wildfire erupted in Valleseco (Gran Canaria) in the afternoon. No wonder, today La Aldea de San Nicolas, Tasarte (Gran Canaria) is with 42.2 ° C the hottest place in Spain.

The situation is very serious.

Update 1:45 PM, Monday, Day 3: 6,000 hectares of forest burned. The fire is still very active in Tamadaba

Update 10:25 AM, Monday morning, Day 3: The current situation in Gran Canaria

Update 8:05 AM, Monday morning, Day 3: First pictures show the ongoing catastrophe.

Update 8:05 AM, Monday morning, Day 3: The military emergency unit, UME, is now on the ground with 278 men. 3,400 hectares of forest are burned.

Update, Sunday evening 09:00 pm: The Red Cross has turned gyms into emergency shelters. Emergency doctors and pastors are available. More villages are being evacuated every hour.

Update 06.00 pm: Current Videos:

Update, Sunday noon (03:00 pm) : The president of the Canary Islands Government literally a few minutes ago: "This is a natural disaster and the fire is out of control!" The wind ignites more fires and 4,000 people have already been evacuated!

Update Sunday noon: There are 1000 hectares of forest destroyed

Sunday morning update from 9:25 am: Evacuations in Tejeda, Valleseco, San Mateo, Galdar, Moya and Artenara. 2000 people affected.

Update 8.51 pm: Exclusive, clouds of smoke from space.

Update 8.17 pm: Canadair Airtanker took off from Malaga towards Gran Canaria

Update 7.25 pm: The military emergency unit UME is activated, the Spanish government decided to send Canadair airtankers.

Update 7.03 pm: Evacuations in Rincón de Tejeda, Cruz de Tejeda y Parador

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