09.07.2019 - 08:35

Severe storms in Northern Spain

Guardia Civil rescue humans and animals

After the heatwave, the north of Spain was affected by severe storms on Monday. Intense thunderstorms, hail and heavy rainfalls took place from west to east. As reported in our weather ticker, Navarra registered up to 100 l/m² of rain within an hour.

The storm also hit the province of Ourense (Galicia) where officers of the Guardia Civil had to rescue humans and animals from dangerous floods.

Teruel, Lleida and Huesca are still affected this morning. 50 mm of rain have already been registered in Santa Eulalia del Campo. While the situation will calm down in the north-east throughout the day, it will get uncomfortable in the province of Girona and in Castellon again.

Tendency: No storm warnings for Spain on Wednesday. A heat warning has been issued for Cordoba and Jaen for Thursday.


Guardia Civil in Ourense:

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