18.06.2019 - 14:17

Spain - Drought becomes an issue

Higher wildfire risk in 2019 than in 2018

The Spanish government supports the state governments in their fight against wildfires with plenty of human resources and technology. 73 aircrafts (including 18 Canadair air tankers and 8 Kamov K32 firefighting helicopters) will be instated this year. 10 supporting brigades will be on standby all over Spain. In case of extreme emergency, there is still the military emergency unit UME.

The government assumes that this year's wildfire risk will be higher than in 2018 since there has barely been any precipitation in large parts of the country and the drought is already extremely high.

Example Malaga:

From January to May 2018, Malaga Airport registered 355,7 mm of rain. From January to May 2019, Malaga Airport measured only 48,3 mm of rain.

Consequently, the wildfire risk will be extremely and constantly high in Andalusia.
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