11.06.2019 - 13:10

Cruise tourism under fire

Environmental organisation sees the biggest problems in Spain

Cruise tourism is booming. Each year, there are more and more fans. Crusaders are a welcome source of income for harbour cities. For example, every day tripper leaves about 46 euros in Malaga. Even though the newest generation of luxury and pleasure steamers run on gas, older models are set in motion with fuel oil. As a consequence, the harbour cities are showered in harmful sulphur oxides by these gigantic cruise ships.

The environmental organisation Ecologistas en Acción has now published a study which makes clear that Spain will be most affected by the negative impacts (within Europe). Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca take the lead. Apparently, the cruise line company Carnival Corporation is the biggest polluter. The company's ships supposedly emit 10 times more sulphur oxides at Europe's coasts each year than 260 million cars together.

Even though the study zeroes in on cruise ships only (tankers, ferries and container ships are not included), it is clear that multi-billion dollar tourism groups need to be urged to retrofit by law. Most of the times, the ships sail under the flag of a tax haven which is why the groups never need to worry about falling into poverty retrofitting their ships.

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