21.05.2019 - 14:44


104,000 sheeps and goats fighting wildfires

Since Andalusia's last big wildfires (Costa del Sol 2011 and 2012), a lot has changed for the better. The Andalusian firefighters of Infoca belong to the best in their field, safety experts from all over the world come and upskill.

Of course, the Andalusian heroes need help during the summer time. Apart from manpower, firefighting helicopters and air tankers, they cleverly rely on conventional practices. 170 shepherds and goatherds will be out and about with their 104,000 sheeps and goats grazing 1,240 hectares. This is important since dried grass burns easily. The government supports the shepherds with 85,000 euros.

In the province of Malaga, drivers should slow down on the county roads around Malaga, Alcaucin, Carratraca, Ronda, Parauta and Yunquera. Sheeps and goats might block some roads.

Photos: Major fire in La Mairena

Photos: Plan Infoca in action
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