16.05.2019 - 20:53

No Blue Flag for Malaga

Wastewater issue too big

Today, even Diario SUR (closely affiliated with the local government) headlined that 36 sewage treatment plants are missing in the province of Malaga and that about 130,000 people are draining their completely untreated wastewater into rivers and landscapes. The Guadalhorce river is particularly affected.

Of course, the truth is much more dramatic. Apart from the 130,000 people that drain their raw sewage, there are also numerous factories, industrial areas and companies that are not connected to the sewerage system. Any type of toxic substance can flow into the nature freely.

In addition, statistics don't even consider those wastewaters that only go through the primary treatment. The truth is that, in many coastal areas, primary treatment is the only treatment. This means that heavier and lighter solids are removed, but the remaining and contaminated liquid is still pumped into the sea through pipes. Numerous gated communities are not connected to a sewage treatment plant either, septic tanks are used instead. But those are not your regular drainless chambers, which is why the wastewater flows, again, into creeks and fauna.

Particularly dramatic is the situation in Malaga city where the Gaudalmedina river and Guadalhorce river enter the sea. It doesn't matter where the current is coming from, wastewater hits the beach. It is therefore not really surprising that the beach sections of Malaga didn't receive Blue Flags this year. In any case, it is a wonder that Malaga was awarded with Blue Flags in the past.

The Spanish local elections will take place on May 26. Analysing the election programs of all parties in Malaga, there is still no political interest in finding a solution to the wastewater issue.

Even though Malaga offers a lot with regard to cuisine, culture and climate, a beach vacation is honestly not recommended.

Thomas Weber for spainweather .es
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