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Stormy wind around Tarifa

More than 30 °C on the Canary Islands today

On yesterday's Saturday, Jerez de la Frontera (Andalusia) was the warmest place in Spain with 35,4 °C. Orihuela obtained 32,3 °C in the autonomy of Valencia. Campos, Can Sion reported 29,2 °C on the Balearic Islands and San Bartolome registered 29,2 °C on the Canary Islands. San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa) measured the most precipitation with 9,1 l/m² of rain.

The Spanish mainland on Sunday: At 06:00 am, Madrid reports 9,9 °C, Santander 7,6 °C, Bilbao 8,8 °C, Valencia 13,8 °C, Almeria 23,4 °C, Barcelona 13,5 °C, Alicante 17,5 °C, Sevilla 18,2 °C and Granada 13,2 °C.

Mostly sunny nationwide today, a few clouds will pull up at the east coast occasionally. It will be stormy in the Spanish Pyrenees, in Girona and between Tarragona and Castellon. Gusts of 80 km/h have been measured. The levante will pick up speed around Tarifa throughout the morning, gusts of 70 km/h have been forecasted. Additionally, the wildfire risk is extremely high.

Today's peak values amount 20 °C in Barcelona, 28 °C in Madrid, 19 °C in Bilbao, 17 °C in Santander, 22 °C in Alicante, 22 °C in Valencia, 35 °C in Sevilla, 26 °C in Murcia, 24 °C in Girona and 27 °C in Santiago de Compostela.

The Balearic Islands on Sunday: Palma de Mallorca reports 10,9 °C at 06:00 am. Mostly sunny on Mallorca and Menorca today, a few clouds will appear here and there. There will be a mix of sun and clouds on Ibiza and Formentera. A stormy wind is blowing on Menorca and in the north-east of Mallorca. Mahon's buoy registers a maximum wave height of 586 cm. The peak temperatures amount 22 °C in Palma de Mallorca, 21 °C in Mao-Mahon and 22 °C in Eivissa.

The Canary Islands on Sunday: Tenerife Sur Airport registers 17,0 °C at 05:00 am. There will be a mix of sun and clouds today and it will be hot. A moderate to fresh breeze will be blowing at the east and west coast of Gran Canaria all day long. The peak temperatures will reach +- 32 °C today.

Costa del Sol on Sunday

At 06:00 am, Malaga (Playa La Malagueta) reports 19,9 °C and an air humidity of 62 %. Malaga's buoy registers a sea temperature of 16,9 °C and the waves are reaching heights of 23 cm.

At 06:00 am, Malaga Airport reports 19,0 °C and the wind is blowing with 8,0 km/h across the runways.

Los Reales reported 11,6 °C, Torrox 20,5 °C, Ronda 19,0 °C and Torremolinos registered 20,0 °C at 06:00 am.

Lots of sun and perfect general conditions have been announced for today's Sunday. The UV index reads 9 today.

+- 25 °C have been forecasted for Marbella, +- 24 °C for Malaga (city), +- 24 °C for Manilva and +- 28 °C for Velez-Malaga. The Caminito del Rey is expecting +- 27 °C today.

Tendency for Malaga for the following days: Sun and blue sky at +- 25 °C. (Taro, short-term fog formation on the Alboran Sea not excluded)

The latest sea temperatures:

Barcelona 16,2 °C

Palma de Mallorca 18,2 °C

Valencia 17,4 °C

Cabo de Palos 19,1 °C

Cadiz 18,1 °C

Las Palmas 20,0 °C

Tenerife Sur 19,6 °C

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Photo above: Cullera, Valencia

Peak temperatures today

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