18.04.2019 - 13:08

Semana Santa in Malaga

Today, the Spanish Legion is the centre of attention

On Jueves Santo (Maundy Thursday), the Spanish Legion is the centre of attention of the Semana Santa in Malaga. This morning, the legion docked at the port of Malaga with a new ship.

The legion's official hymn is "El novio de la muerte" (Bridegroom of Death). Said hymn was sung by the legionnaires at noon when the effigy of Christ Crucified was carried across the rainy Plaza Fray Alonso de Santo Tomas with outstretched arms.

The "Buena Muerte" procession will take place this evening when the effigy of Christ of the Good Death will be carried through the streets. The procession starts at 07:30 pm and ends at approximately 03:00 am.

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