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Malaga Airport in February 2018

The boom continues unabatedly

In 2017, Malaga Airport registered a historical record with a total of 18,626,876 passengers. And the boom continues in 2018 as well.

Malaga Airport reports another record in February 2018. A total of 963,939 passengers were welcomed which is a plus of 5,4 % compared to February 2017.

In January, Malaga ranked 4th among Spain's most frequented airports. Madrid takes the lead, followed by Barcelona and Gran Canaria.

The other Andalusian airports (except for Almeria) do also welcome the tourism boom reporting further historical records.

Here, the figures for February 2018:

Sevilla - 433,622 passengers +32,2 %

Jerez de la Frontera - 47,939 passengers +23,9 %

Almeria - 34,835 passengers -11,0 %

Granada - 76,261 passengers +32,4 %

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