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Costa del Sol - Changeable and mild

Spring lasts on the Canary Islands

On yesterday's Monday, Pajara (Fuerteventura) was the warmest place in Spain with 24,2 °C. Marbella reached 23,9 °C in Andalusia. Capdepera obtained 20,3 °C on the Balearic Islands and Torreblanca registered 22,0 °C in Valencia.

On today's Tuesday, a calm weather situation will rule the country. Sun and clouds will alternate and some rain will fall here and there.

The sun will shine continuously on the Canary Islands today, the peak temperatures amount +- 23 °C.

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At breakfast time, Madrid reports 6,5 °C, Granada 9,3 °C, Girona 3,4 °C, Valencia 10, 7 °C, Palma de Mallorca 7,3 °C, Barcelona 9,3 °C, Sevilla 12,9 °C and Maspalomas 16,0 °C.

Today's peak values amount 17,0 °C in Barcelona, 18,0 °C in Palma de Mallorca, 13,0 °C in Madrid, 19,0 °C in Bilbao, 19 °C in Alicante, 21 °C in Valencia, 19 °C in Sevilla, 18 °C in Cadiz and 18 °C in Ourense.

Costa del Sol

At 06:00 am, Malaga (Playa La Malagueta) reports 13,8 °C and an air humidity of 74 %. Malaga's buoy registers a sea temperature of 14,2 °C and the waves are reaching heights of 32 cm.

At 06:00 am, Malaga Airport reports 13,1 °C and the wind is blowing with 4,0 km/h from western direction across the runways.

Today, it will be cloudy, the sun will come through occasionally. In addition, a few drops of rain could fall here and there. The maximum temperatures amount +- 21 °C.

Tendency: Wednesday and Thursday will not be optimal to do laundry since it will most likely be rainy.

The latest sea temperatures:

Barcelona 13,5 °C

Andratx 14,4 °C

Cabo de Palos 14,6 °C

Cadiz 15,7 °C

Bilbao 12,2 °C

Las Palmas 19,3 °C

Tenerife Sur 19,1 °C

Photo above: Maspalomas

Rain forecast for 01.00 pm

Air mass radar at 7.00 am

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