12.01.2018 - 16:49

Opinion poll causes earthquake in Spain

Ciudadanos clearly ahead

The latest opinion poll of the Metroscopia opinion research institute (on behalf of El País) causes a political earthquake in Spain.

According to the opinion poll, Ciudadanos would reach 27,1 % of the votes if there was an election to the Spanish Parliament next Sunday. Ciudadanos is a liberal party of the centre and has been politically active throughout the country since 2015.

The governing party of Rajoy, the PP, would reach only 23,2 % of the votes which would be a minus of 10 % compared to the last election on June 26, 2016. With respect to Ciudadanos, this is a plus of 14 % which clearly reinforces the political anger of the citizens towards the established parties.

Photo: Albert Rivera - Chairman of Ciudadanos
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