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News about the partnership between Juan Hoffmann and Garcia Urbano

PSOE asks for clarification from Elias Bendodo

The PSOE demands explanations from Bendodo about the corporate relations between the mayor of Estepona and the fugitive from the Malaya Case

The Socialists remember that up to 48 times García Urbano voted against making public his declaration of assets, income and patrimony in the City Council of Estepona

The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE of Malaga, Javier Jerez, has demanded today from the Provincial President of the PP, Elías Bendodo, explanations "clear, immediate and forceful" about the corporate relations that continue to link, as Marbella Confidential has published, the Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, with the fugitive from the Malaya case, Juan Hoffmann and with the builder Bonifacio Solís.

"It can not be understood how the head of the City Council of Estepona and former head of the PP list to Congress for Malaga in the General Elections of 2015, who resigned his deputy act to continue combining his position as Mayor with his private businesses and who refused to give information of their assets to Congress, continues to this day maintaining business ties as we have known, linked to the construction sector, with a person escaped from justice and who treasures a past full of scandals that have caused clear damage to the city of Marbella, "he said.

At the same time since the PSOE in Malaga have recalled that the Socialists are asking the PP a detailed relationship of the hundred awards of works made by the City of Estepona in the last six years to Bonifacio Solis with special emphasis on a possible and eventual incompatibility in these adjudications of works by the Mayor and the Councillor of Urban Planning and Infrastructure, Ana Velasco. "

Thus, Jerez has pointed out that, as the media publishes, Hoffmann, firmly sentenced to 5 years in prison for money laundering and tax crimes in the Malaya case, continues to be a partner of the Mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano (PP) , in the real estate company Nuevos Aires 2002, in which the constructor Bonifacio Solís also participates, through the company Omega 93 SL Hoffmann maintains, as it continues, a 24.12% stake in Nuevos Aires 2002, Nogales de María SL, whose sole partner is the mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano, with 18.02% and Omega 93 SL, controlled by Bonifacio Solís, 57.86%.

The only administrator of Nuevos Aires is Antonio Zarco, a lawyer by profession, and husband of the Councillor for Town Planning and Infrastructure at the City Council of Estepona, Ana Velasco, the right-hand of García Urbano and former sole administrator of Nuevos Aires 2002, a post in which was replaced by her husband. Zarco, at the same time, and by agreement of the plenary of the Municipal Corporation of Estepona, on proposal and with the only votes of the PP, is the representative of the municipality in the Board of Directors of Unicaja, he explained.

Finally, Javier Jerez stressed that "there have been countless occasions in which the Mayor and his town planning councillor have participated in the contracting tables that have concluded with the awarding of important works to Bonifacio Solís, as well as minor works and even the transfer of the municipal vehicle deposit to a parking lot owned by the constructor". Among the most significant works has highlighted the completion of the Orquidario (see attached documents) or the award of the works of the athletics stadium and the parking lot for 6.1 million, on June 15 (see the minutes of the award of the Governing Board Local attached to this document).

Source and Photo: Javier Jerez - PSOE-A of Málaga
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