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Severe storm at the east coast

Costa del Sol - Mostly sunny and dry

On yesterday's Wednesday, Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the warmest place in Spain with 23,8 °C. El Ejido (Almeria) reached 21,1 °C in Andalusia. Pollenca obtained 16,9 °C on the Balearic Islands and Xabia reached 19,0 °C in Valencia.

On today's Thursday, a severe storm is blowing across the east coast with up to 100 km/h. It will also be stormy on Ibiza and the south of Mallorca with maximum wind speeds of 70 km/h. Northern Spain is expecting some more snow. 15 cm of fresh snow has been announced at altitudes of 800 metres. The sea at the North Atlantic coast has barely calmed down, the waves are still reaching heights of 7 to 8 metres.

It will also be windy again at the coast of Granada. Wind speeds of 70 km/h have been announced.

Latest measurements and forecasts are available on

At breakfast time, Madrid reports 3,0 °C, Barcelona 9,1 °C and the Alhambra 4,7 °C. Today's peak values amount 15 °C in Barcelona, 14 °C in Palma de Mallorca, 9 °C in Madrid, 11 °C in Bilbao, 16 °C in Alicante, 16 °C in Valencia, 15 °C in Seville and 12 °C in Ourense.

A mix of sun and clouds has been forecasted for the Canary Islands. A few drops of rain will fall from the sky occasionally. The maximum temperatures amount +- 21 degrees Celsius.

Costa del Sol

At 07:30 am, Malaga (Playa) reports 11,7 °C and an air humidity of 51 %. Malaga's buoy registers a sea temperature of 13,7 °C and the waves are reaching heights of 41 cm.

At 07:30 am, Malaga airport reports 11,2 °C and the wind is blowing with 18,0 km/h across the runways.

Basically, it will be sunny at the Costa del Sol today. A few clouds could pull up as of noon though.

The peak temperatures amount +- 17 °C today.

The latest sea temperatures:

Barcelona 14,8 °C

Andratx 15,0 °C

Cabo de Palos 16,0 °C

Cabo de Gata 14,2 °C

Cadiz 17,0 °C

Bilbao 13,5 °C

Las Palmas 19,6 °C

Tenerife Sur 19,6 °C

Photo above: Denia

Weather map for Thursday

Air mass radar at 7.00 am

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