07.12.2017 - 09:01

Rain in Asturias - Thick fog in Castilla y Leon

Costa del Sol - Sunny and only a few clouds

On yesterday's Wednesday, Sabinosa (El Hierro) was the warmest place in Spain with 23,8 °C. Rincon de la Victoria reached 19,0 °C in Andalusia. Pollenca obtained 19,5 °C on the Balearic Islands and Elche reached 17,7 °C in Valencia.

At sunrise, it is again freezing cold in large parts of Spain. Madrid registers - 2,6 °C, Valencia 0,1 °C, Cordoba - 0,5 °C, Granada -3,0 °C and Girona - 2,2 °C. In addition, tough fog is covering Casilla y Leon and Asturias is expecting rain as of noon.

Today's peak values amount 16 °C in Barcelona, 18 °C in Palma de Mallorca, 9 °C in Madrid, 12 °C in Bilbao, 17 °C in Sevilla, 17 °C in Valencia, 17 °C in Alicante and 13 °C in Ourense.

On the Canary Islands, the day will be sunny, but slightly fresher. The peak values amount +- 21 °C.

Costa del Sol

At 07:30 am, Malaga (Playa) reports 10,3 °C and an air humidity of 64 %. Guadalhorce-Golf (next to Malaga airport) reports 5,8 °C. The wind is blowing with 5,0 km/h. Malaga's buoy registers a sea temperature of 16,1 °C and the waves are reaching heights of 32 cm.

Today will be mostly sunny and dry, only a few smaller fields of clouds here and there. The peak values amount +- 17 °C.

The latest sea temperatures:

Barcelona 16,7 °C

Andratx 17,4 °C

Cabo de Palos 17,1 °C

Cabo de Gata 16,4 °C

Cadiz 18,9 °C

Bilbao 15,0 °C

Las Palmas 20,6 °C

Tenerife Sur 21,5 °C

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