06.12.2017 - 12:29


A driver is being investigated for driving at 216 km / h on the road to Sóller

A Radar Unit of the Local Police of Palma located on the road to Sóller, at the height of the Penitentiary Center, carrying out speed control work observed early this morning a vehicle that was traveling at a speed clearly superior to that authorized on the road, which is 60 km / h.

The vehicle passing through the radar detection strip, was captured by the mechanism, taking a sample and photographic record, and travelling at a speed of 216 km / h.

Given this circumstance, and as it is a conduct typified as a Crime against Road Safety, the Service Units and the National Police were notified to intercept the vehicle.

About 02:40 h. a Unit of the National Police informed 092 that they had intercepted the vehicle in the neighborhood of Son Oliva. Units were moved to the site and spoke to the driver, who stated that he had driven the vehicle on the road of Sóller at the time the photograph was taken. Following this statement, the driver is being investigated as the author of an alleged CRIME AGAINST ROAD SAFETY.

Consulting antecedents by the Local Police, it turns out that the same vehicle was already denounced in the months of September and October 2016 for speeding.

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