05.12.2017 - 12:41


Foreign tourist spending increased by 5.9% in October

The total expenditure made by international tourists visiting Spain in October reached 7,763 million euros, representing an increase of 5.9% over the same month of 2016.

The average expenditure per tourist was 1,068 euros, with an annual increase of 4.0%. On the other hand, the average daily expenditure increased by 5.8%, to 144 euros.

The average duration of trips for international tourists was 7.4 days, which means a decrease of 0.1 days compared to the average of October 2016.

During the first 10 months of 2017, the total expenditure of international tourists increased by 13.1% with respect to the same period of the previous year and stood at 77,655 million euros.

Main countries

The main emitting countries regarding the level of expenditure in October are the United Kingdom (with 19.4% of the total), Germany (16.0%) and the Nordic countries as a whole -Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden- (8 ,4%).

The expenditure of the tourists resident in the United Kingdom is growing 2.6% in annual rate, while that of those from Germany decreases by 0.8% and that of those coming from France decreases by 3.0%.

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