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As one of the leading multilingual weather portals in Spain, we are searching for brilliant locations for our cams in Spain and Europe.
Benefit from a win-win partnership with us and give your clients interactive emotions. Tourists want to be informed about the latest weather situation in real time, tourists want to enjoy a hint of holiday even though they are back home.
If you want to win more clients, permanently retain customers and be at your best? Then let us install a live cam at your location.
This is how it works
What we do
We provide you a webcam at no cost (Mobotix M26 with 6 megapixel). We stream the live images on our servers and our websites, making your location available for hundreds of thousands of users. We take care of the server costs and the monitoring as well and, on top, we link your business website. Of course, we also take care of the installation and commissioning of the webcam on site.
What you do
You provide an internet connection with optical fibre year-round. You lay the patch cable from the router to the place where the camera will be installed. The fact that your in-house technicians know their way around cable ducts, etc. will be advantageous…!
Apply for a new live cam sending an email to webcam(at)
*Hardware and image rights always belong to
Special features:

Of course, you can book our technology for live events such as concerts, trade fairs and sports events. We are the right contact when it comes to object monitoring, traffic surveillance, border guard and big construction projects. Our know-how and server-management are always up-to-date, that we guarantee.

Please send your request via email to special(at)
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